Sunday, 2 December 2007

Silly Girl

This young opportunist apparently had some success in Hollywood as reported by a Victoria,Canada newspaper.Victoria was the home of Peter Kelch, and wether it was misfortune or lack of work in the celluloid city he found himself back in the northwest,determined to make himself a star.

Kelch created his own music label ,Terra which was to be the instrument with which he would unleash the blaring `Silly Girl` and the less psychotic,but no less silly`Cry On My Shoulder`.i say silly but really i mean overly dramatic....this mans shrill falsetto moments remind us that we are all animals with a strong sense of desire.

Peter Kelch - Silly Girl

Peter Kelch - Cry On My Shoulder

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Anonymous said...

that wa the pharoahs record label. apparently thye don't talk about peter keltch much. must have been some bad blood. if you can see if you can dig up the pharoahs dvd. its pretty cool

Anonymous said...


MrTeenSwe said...

Peter Kelch released at least on single when he was i CA, Peter Kelch & The Journeymen - Little Clown on the RRE label