Friday, 9 November 2007

Some breathtaking clumsy ballads

At Go Faster Blogspot, we all have balls. But that doesn’t mean we don’t spill teardrops from time to time. In search of some sixties moody cuteness, some of us have been called fags by a bunch of very smelly characters, but we don't care anymore. Here is the proof : three gems from the Barons (Texas), the Innsmen (michigan) and the Midknights (iowa).

No furious fuzz, no pounding drums along the Mohawk, no scraping vocals, not even what makes sixties sound of despair so distinctive : you won't find any dark chords or deep as hell reverberation on these three tracks. Just the very soft lament of three teen bands who are used to face closed doors instead of chick's smiles, lost in dreams of hugs, without any battle in sight. OUR battle, today, is to show they didn't spill those teardrops in vain.

The Barons - I'll never be happy

The Innsmen - I don't know

Midknights - I don't have to wait


Üder Mermush said...

i know jean pop and he got a tiny penis, with so much hairs that you can't see it if you don't use your fingers.

i 've already seen him gang banged at Le Metropolis

Plague said...

i don`t want to know about your genitalia MR .just feed me photos of teenagers playing guitar in 1964...

Jean Pop the 2nd said...

There's been some fake Uder Mermouch round here.

French people are so mean and rude.