Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Lee VI's

Michigan is one helluva state. Last year's release of the Fenton Records huge anthology says it all : we garage rock lunatics already owned 3/4 of the tracks but we bought it anyway, because you don't often have the opportunity to get such a collection of perfectly clumsy yet breath-taking teenage poetry.

The Lee VI' were located in Port Huron, Michigan, and I know nothing else about them, but I can guess they were very young, very much in love, very much beardless and like their neighbours The 9th Street Market or the fabulous Quests, they sang like babies to seduce next door girls. Yummy. However, their style is rather peculiar : their songs are made on a very simple basis but always with a kind of twist, an unusual and medieval sounding riff for example ("Pictures on my shelf"), or a very percussive, outrageously jerky guitar playing ("I don't know"). That's pure genius, mates. Get down on your knees.

Since I don't own a Lee VI's picture or even a 45 scan, I posted this 1877 view of Port Huron just to make you feel you weren't born at the right place or time.


Jamie said...

This is incredible!! I love this stuff. It's like they've stumbled on to some original sounding songs. Keep up the excellent work!

Dale said...

I live in Port Huron. I've been asking around for ages about bands from the 60's that recorded. Mostly came up empty handed. Thanks for this.