Friday, 31 August 2007

Fuzz (On My Cardigan)

While in France recently i picked up a couple of these nice promotional EPs.Boum Bomo appears to be a kids and teens clothing company.the emphasis here is on style and the pursuit of leisure through music.i like to think of the crockery and ornaments that would become slightly misplaced by these teenagers as they gyrated to `Patrick Jerk` in the dark well-kempt living rooms of France.

the first EP pictured is the first of an 18 disc series featuring Raymond GUIOT and his is pretty horrible, all horns...not hip at all.this is odd because the records the young teen is playing on the cover are a handful of Beatles LPS including Revolver and not least the monster fuzz beat gem Jaques Dutronc EP `Les Playboys`.

Jaques Dutronc-On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien

the second EP pictured is volume 8 and really gets into the gear of the swinging music of the time and delivers some fine, brain melting fuzz guitar.`Patrick Jerk` is a great tune despite its obvious session musician clinicalness and seems to float around in my head a lot these days.the band, Les Pros really give Mr GUOIT a run for his money.`Spring A Liverpool` featured on volume 4 of the series is also apparently a good one.

Les Pro`s - Patrick Jerk

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Jean Pop II said...

French beat is shit.

You better listen to the Troggs.