Wednesday, 8 August 2007

was this band trying to be ironic? maybe they just excepted their roll in a complex world of teen self depriciation.
this is a classic case of a mid-sixties band that had a kooky(but downright silly)name. others that spring to mind are The Jerms, The Insex,The Eggs,The Snails,The Fone Book,The Menn, The Pratt's Bottom '5' and hundreds of others.some of the more whacky ones seemed to be conjured up by younger bands looking to gain some sort of notoriety with their poor spelling skills and homespun musical thrashings.

The funny thing about The Dawks song here which was featured on a `66 Dayton Ohio radio/Battle Of The Bands comp is that its not at all kooky or gimmicky but has a moody tinge and is relatively sincere. ok its got the pop edge and mersey tinge but the guitar work possesses an otherworldlyness that ....well unites all dawks across the globe.

The Dawks - Good Thing

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