Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Rain(in Britian)

the UK is pretty soggy right now,in some places a months worth of rain fell in one day,so what better way to celebrate than to highlight some pre-teen garage winners!

first up is The Five.information about these young`uns is speculative.from the label scan you can see the song is written and maybe performed by Tommy and Terry Jacobs.there has to be a 3rd member becuase of the bass.Chas Kit from Garage Hangover mentioned recently they may be from there much rain in Dallas? well, whichever way these kids were probably no older than 11 when they recorded this 4 chord stabber.i like the way the singer moves away from the mic whilst singing to maybe concentrate on his guitar playing or scrutinise the drummers bad timing.

the flip to this,being equally good, can be heard at

The Five-Idon`t Care If It Rains All Night

here is a band from Melbourne,Australia which appear on the great ozzy comp`Its A Kave In` which contains the incredible `I`m So Small` by The Crests.again the theme of rain persists,the frantic break in the middle of the song actually sounds like a deluge.genius stuff.
the scan above is another record by the band of which i have never heard(from the vaults of Bosshoss).`Rain` is from an acetate.

The Leprecauns-The Rain

thanks to bosshoss for scans

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Anonymous said...

THE FIVE sounds more like a bunch of 5 - 8 year old kids to me. Both sides were probably written by their dad, who was most likely also producing it. They definitely come up sounding much younger than THE LITTLE BITS who were supposed to be a bunch of 8 - 12 year old kids. THE FIVE Single is far from being a masterpiece, but collectors of pre-teen garage 45s should still love it for it's amateurism, and for the fact that they were just kids. The by far BEST records of this type were made by BILLY AND THE KIDS who were a bunch of 12- 13 year old kids from East Wenatchee, Washington.