Thursday, 19 July 2007


here is a live recording of The Bachs at Skokie Valley Jnr High 1967.this reel-to-reel turned up in one lucky bloggers postbox not long ago.these are 2 snotty(literally) takes on The Stones Under My Thumb/Satisfaction.whats up with the fake sneezes?is it not enough to put down your your fave girl with a scathing mysoganistic rant, but then to sneeze on her? this is truly the lowest of the low.....disgusting,i`m going home.

well maybe its not a sneeze at all...just the singers way of getting revved up....

Their much-lorded, rare Out Of The Bachs `68 LP fetches a pretty price.i did manage to locate a reissue LP itself quite a rarity, but fluffed it...damn.

The Bachs- Under My Thumb/Satisfaction


sueƱos violetas said...

Great! More songs on this tape?

Plague said...

yeah, send me a pm at this myspace site: and i`ll give you my soulseek name.