Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Lead...

I heard this record a few years back. I'd got it in a tape trade with this kid, SP. It was on a tape marked 'Sacramento Bands.' I'd dug up most of the 45s from the tape, but there were no leads on this one. I checked through my Notes. I had them down as having three singles in total, two as Group B and one as The Spokes, none of which were in my reference library. I'd given Sacramento a good look over, but no-one there could help. SP's copy seemed to be the only one around, and it was firmly under lock and key.
I mentioned it in passing to this girl Martha while we were sat in the free bar at the San Pedro Record Convention. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that I should come with her, and maybe we could work something out. She had been on my back for months trying to get a copy of this unknown 45 I had been holding in a quantity of two. We sat for a bit longer talking the talk with record guys, then split when it was least suspicious to do so. She took me back to her motel room, and produced a cache of 45s. Three different records, five copies of each. I asked her where she got them from, but she wouldn't tell me. I handed over the disc she wanted, and I got a copy of each of the three in return. The other two were fine records, and seldom seen, but the Scorpio was the one I wanted. I left the motel room some hours later, under the cover of night. I sat on the roadside and smoked a cigarette feeling good about the treasure in my rucksack. I had to hit the road in the morning, I had a tip from JP on a rare 45 he'd been sniffing out for me. It was complicated, he said.

Group B- She`s Gone

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